Monday, December 29, 2008


CHAIN STITCH:--Work the stitches towards you starting from the top of the lines. Insert the needle at the point from where it is brought out holding the thread down with y our thumb. Bring the needle point out a short distance ahead(front) and pull it through keeping the work thread under the needle the result is a loop. In starting the next stitch remember to insert the needle just inside the loop. This is used for making out--lines and filling large shapes.


siva said...

very nice- padma vathi

uma said...

thank you padma vathi garu.


VTU-ENotes said...

Hi Mam,

Need your help to design blouse with stone lace. I donno what stitch i should use.

VTU-ENotes said...

Awesome blog. neatly framed document. It would be gratefully if you post vidoes on how to design a blouse with different stones,