Monday, May 25, 2009

EMBROIDERY FRAME :---This is used for keeping the fabric stretched

while the work is being done .

EMBROIDERY SCISSORS :---Sharp pointed embroidery scissors are

essencial , especially for cut work embroidery .

EMBROIDERY THREAD :---This is available in a variety of colours

in six strand skeins . One can use two or three strands at a time

dividing the skein as each length is cut for sewing .

NEEDLES :---The best quality sewing needles are made of hand

ground steel points are sharp and eyes are smooth and well polished

For hand sewing select medium length needles with a short oval eye .

needles designed for embroidery work

have a long oval eye and are therefore easily threaded .Both the types of

needles come in a variety of sizes , the smaller

numbers indicate the larger needles . Some packages contains

needles of one size only .. others contain assorted sizes . The most

suitable sizes for general hand sewing are sevens and eights . The

paper used in needle packages is treated prevent needles from

rusting. It is wise therefore to store your needles in the packages .

NEEDLES CASE :---One can get cases in which needles of varius sizes can

be arranged .

NEEDLE THREADER :----This is a device made of thin wire which

aids in threading machine needles and hand needes .

THIMBLE :---This is worn on the middle finger of the left hand

to protect the finger and to aid in doing hand sewing quickly .

STILETTO :---This is a sharp pointed instrument for punching holes

in material . It is used for forming eyelets in belts and for

embroidery work .

BODKIN :---This is a flat needle with a blunt end and a large eye ,

used for threading elastic and tape .

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