Saturday, November 7, 2009


FLANNEL PATCH :---Shape of the patch :--May be either square or rectanglar .Preparation of patch :---It should be 1 " bigger all round than the area to be repaired the edges must be cut straight by a thread . N o turnings are made .
Placing of the patch on the garment :---The right side of the patch is placed on the wrong side of garment . The centre of patch over centre of hole . Selvedge is by selvedge straight by a thread , with wrap line in the same direction as that of the garment . Carefully pin the two selvedge sides in position first . Tack as close to the edge as possible , biginning in the middle of a selvedge side .

In order to assist in keeping the stitches level at the top ,a second row of tacking can be done 4 or 5 threads above the edge . Herring bone the patch to the garment first .Then herring bone the hole . When working the corners of patch and hole , care must be taken to work squares at the corners .

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