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AIM :---To wash and finish a white cotton garment .


Examination of articles :----Examine the article for tears , holes and

stains and mark them with a light pencil . Mend all the tears and

holes before wetting the garments . Remove such stains as are not

lightly to disappear in the process of washing .

SORTING :---Sort the articles in the following groups .

1. coarse articles for cleaning and dusting .

2. Bed linen and other personal clothes .

3. Table linen .

4 . Hand - kerchiefs .

STEEPING :--Loose and soluble dirt is removed by steeping . If the

article is very dirty add washing soda ( 1 teaspoon to a gallon of

water . Add salt and a little disinfect and to the water in which hand

are added salt to dissolve the mucous does making the

washing easier .

WASHING :---Any one of the modern detergents like surf , det , bar soap

etc... can be used with good results . Washing is done by applying

hard friction scrubbing with a scrubbing brush .

BOILING :--- All white cottons are boiled . Table linen with colored

patterns and designs which are fast in color can also be boiled .

Boiling dis - infects , whitens and freshens the cloths . water used for

boiling must be soft and soapy . Use soda and soap in the proportion

of 1 teaspoon of soda and 1 table spoon of soap . To a gallon of

water . soda alone should not be used as it may damage the fabrics . Soda

must be first dissolved in a little water .

RINSING :---`After     boiling    rinse    the  cloths   in  several  warm  waters  to  remove   all   

traces   of  soap   from    the    fabric .  Give   a  lost   rinse     in  cold  water   .  To    restore   the   

whiteness    wring  out  the  moisture  .   

STIFFENING     AND    BLUING   :---   It     is   done   as   one  process  .   Shake  a   bag  of  blue 

in  the   prepared  starch   to   get    the  desired     shade   .

1. All     cottons   and   lines   except  

2. bed   linen    and     under-wear    are  starched  .  

3. Articles  such  as    tablemats ,   trey  cloths  ,  table  napkins  etc   are   heavily   starched    while

personal    cloths     are    given  a    light    stiffening  .

4. Nurse   caps  ,   Men  's    dress   and   collars   need   an  extra   stiffness  .

So  they   are   stiffened     with    cold    water   starch  .

Stir    the  starch     and     blue   water    together   well   before  putting  in  the  articles   because

the    blue   particles    settle  at   the  bottom .   Squeeze    the   article  well  to  get  a   thorough

when   penetration    of  the  starch    .   Article   with   fringed     ways     and   crochet     edgings  ,

borders     should    be   gathered    in  the  hand    and  dipped   in  the  starch    water     carefully  .

The    edges   may  be   treated    with   a   dilute     solution   of   starch  .

DRYING  :---Remove     the     moisture    from   the   article   thoroughly  ,   open  it   out   and

dry  it  in   sunlight  .  Sunlight    helps    to    bleach    the   cloth   quickens    the  drying   .Disinfects  
and  freshens  the   cloths  .Articles    should    hangout    on  a   line   by  the  selvedge    threads

and  then   clip      them  .  They   should     not   be  left    out   in  the  sun   too   long   as  hot  sun

causes    white   clothes    to  becomes    yellow  .

IRONING  :--- In    order  to  get  a   good   and   even   finish  ,   the   starched   articles

must  be  well   dried  .   Damp     the  articles   and   roll   each   of   them   separately      and

keep   aside   for  a  while  .  The   iron   must   be    hot    enough   to  remove   creases   and  give

smoothness      for     ironing   .   For    cottons  and    linens    the   iron  must  be   hot  .  If  the

iron   is   cold   ,  starch  from  the  fabric  will  stick  to  it  and  cause   difficulty   in  ironing  .  

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