Monday, June 22, 2009


As mentioned earlier manufacturers supply an instruction manual with each sewing machine .It is essential to read this book carefully and follow the instructions . When you all learning to treadle , run the machine with the presser foot up and the clutch on fly wheel loosened . So that the needle does not go up and down . Start the machine by turning the fly wheel towards you to stop the machine place your hand on the fly wheel stop the motion of the feet.

STITCHING ALONG THE LINE :----Practice stitching on proper along

line of various shapes straight lines , curve lines , lines with

corners and lines broken until you can control the machine .

SELECTION OF THREAD AND NEEDLE :----A perfect stitch can be

obtained only when the thread is selected to suit the material to be

stitch and the needle is the correct size . For stitching on

delicate thin fabrics use fine thread and fine needle for thin facrics

use needle and thread should be larger .

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