Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WINDING THE BOBBIN :---The thread is placed first on a spool pin

and then drawn through the thread guide near the spool pin . Now

with your hand wind the end of the thread on the bobbin in clock

wise direction and place it on the winder .Turn the bobbin on the

winder until the pin like projection on fits in to the slate on the

bobbin thus holding the bobbin in place . Then press the winder lever

down until the rubber ring touches the fly wheel and is held there .

Loosen the thumb screw and run the machine holding the thread

and loosely .Make sure that the thread winds evenly until that you do

not fill the bobbin too full in . fill the bobbin about three fourth full .

UNDER THREADING :---In each bobbin case there is a slanting

spot and a spring . Insert the bobbin in to the bobbincase so that

the thread comes around the bobbin and turns back to lay in the

slot .Now guide the thread through the slot and below the spring

and pull out a length of thread .Test the tension on the bobbin

thread by pulling the thread gently .Now open the side plate lift the

latch on the bobbin case with your thumb and four finger and insert

the bobbin case in to the machine . close the slide plate .

Raise the take up lever to its height point before you start threading .

The spool of the thread is first placed on the spool pin and the thread

end is passed through a thread guide to the tension machanisam .

After drawing the thread between the tension discs and through the

take -up spring pass the end of the thread through the hole in the take -

up lever .Now thread the remaining guide which leads to the needle and

insert in to the needle .

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