Monday, September 20, 2010



AIM  :-- To  wash  and   finish  a   cotton   lace  
INTRODUCTION  :---Lace    is  a   fine   open  fabric    of   linen  ,  Cotton   silk    gold   or   silver
threads   woven   in  patterns .   It    is   either   hand    or   machine   made .  Because   its  delicate
texture    lace     needs   very   careful    laundering  .
PROCEDURE   :---Examine    the   article ,   if   necessary    lace   pieces   such   as  colars , scarfs  ,
dress  fronts  and    also   lace   mats   which  have   pointed    edges  .  Scallops    etc    are   tack  
on   an   old  piece    of   white   clean    material   . This    makes   handly   easier   and   safer  .
                             Some    re-agents    are    for    cotton    are   used   but   these    must  be  in
always    in  solution  .
STEEPING  :---Laces    are   steeped   if   there   are   very   dirty   in   water   to   which   borax  
is  add .
Wash    laces   with   the   sqeezing   method   use  soap  in   solution  .
White  lace   articles    are    boiled  .  Boiling    bag   must   be   used  .
RINSING  :--- Rinse    several   times   in  clean   water   to   remove   all   traces   of   soap   solution  .
STIFFENING :---Starch   the   article    according    to  the   stiffening   required  ,   blue   is   add
to   starch   for   white   laces  . 
DRYING :---Wrap    the  articles   in   towels   to  remove   moisture     do  not   squeeze    or
wring .
Dry    the   lace   on   the   any    flat   surface .
Laces    do  not   need   much   finish .  These    can  be   lightly   pressed   if  necessary  .
For    long    silk   laces   a   wide   necked    bottle   in  use  . 
FINISHING   :--- Place    the     article    in  the   bottle    add    soap    solution    and   shake   it
vigorously  .  Pour   out    the   dirty   soap   .  Repeat    the    process   changing    the   water
eachtime     until     the   article   is    clean  .   Long   lace   border    are   tacked  on   a  strip   of
clean    white    cold   cloth   .  This   is    then   wrapped     round   wooden   rod    in  the
prepared     soap    solution     wring    the   solution    with   it    for    five   to   seven   minutes .
Process    change    the  water   several    times    until     all   the    soaps   washed    of   the  article.
Do  not    un wrap   the   lace    from    the   article   by   pressing    it   with   the   towel . Leave
it   in  any   air   place   to   dry  .  Still   wrapped   round    the   bottle  .
CONCLUSION :---  As    lace   is   very   valuable    and   is   also   very   delicate   great    care
is   required    in    finishing   it .  Proper    method   of   washing   helps   to   maintain    the   shape
texture  ,  lustre   and   the   over   all  appearance   of   the  lace  .


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