Monday, February 9, 2009



FIRST ROW :--Attach thread 1/8 th " to left of one corner and DC along edge

tray cloth working three DC into same place at corners joined with a S S into

first DC .

SECOND ROW :---Three ch ( To count as TR ) * miss two DC one TR into

next DC
4ch DBLTR into each of next three DC living the last loop of

each on hook thread over and draw through all loops on hook . ( CLUSTER

MADE ) 4 ch , one TR into next DC REP from * along row making a

cluster at corners . join last fourth ch with a SS to third half three ch .

first made they should be an uneven no .of clusters on each side .

THIRD ROW :---One SS into each of next two ch of 4 ch loop one DC into

same loops 4 ch one DC into next four
ch loop 6 ch one DC into

next loop REP from * along row making 6 ch loops over cluster at corners

. Join last 6 ch to first DC made.

FOURTH ROW :---One SS into 4 ch loop , 4 ch ( to count as DELTR ) one

DBLTR into same loop
( 3 ch one TR into last DBLTR made 2 DBLTR

into same loop .)three times . 5 ch one DC into 4 ch loop . 5 ch 2 DBLTR

into next 4 ch loop and continue this it on row making 3 ch DC and 3 ch into

each 6 ch loop at both of corner join and fasten off.

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