Tuesday, February 10, 2009



ALT = alternate

BEG = begining

C 2 F = Cable to front by working cross next four stitches as follows

slip next two stitches on to cable needle and live at front of

work knit next two stitches then knit two stitches from cable

needle .

C 2 B = cable to back as C 2 F but live stitches at back of work in place

of front .

DEC = Decrease by working two stitches to -gether.

INC =Increase by working in to front and back of stitches .

INS = Inches

k = knit

KB = knit in to back of stitch .

M 1 = make one by picking up loop between stitch just work and

following stitches and working into back of it .

P = purl

ST =stitch

PATT = pattern

PB =purl in to back of stitch

REP = repeat

SL =slip

TOG =together

TBL =through back of loops

WF.WD =wool forward

WRN = wool round needle

WON = wool on needle

D =dark

L = light

STS =stitches

REM =remaining

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