Friday, August 14, 2009


APPLYING DECORATIVE FACING :--Decorative shaped facings are applied almost the same way as

inside facings .But firstly the rightside of this facing must be

matched to the wrongside of the garment . Secondly if it is to

be applied to the neck line , the should seam of the garment

should be reversed . Just inside the outer finished edge of the

facing . This is to prevent the raw edges of the shoulder seam

from showing at the neckline . Unlike inside facing decorative

facings are usually made with scallopes points or other designs

along the edge . Bias facings can aiso be applied right side of the

garment for decorative effect . But no edge designs are possible

with this facing . The decorative effect has to be obtained by the

use of different combinations of colours or prints or checks darts etc ...

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