Thursday, August 13, 2009


SHAPED FACING :---The shaped facing is cut to the exact shape of the garment edge to

which it is to be applied . Usually it is cut on the same grain as the

sectoin of the garment . Shaped facing is often used to finish square

or " v " neck lines or scalleped edges . It is easier to apply

than bias facing and is less conspicuous . It is usually cut

separately for front and back and these pieces are joined by a

plain seam finish the outer edge of the facing by turning up the

edge and stitching it .Carefully tack the facing up the edge and

stitching it . Carefully tack the facing to the garment right sides facing

and seam lines , centre lines and notches matching . Trim and clip .

Turn the facing to the wrong side under stitch it to the seam and hem

the folded edge of the facing to the garment .

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janny77 said...

nice tips for shape facing that is interesting.........


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