Saturday, August 8, 2009



A tuck is a fold of fabric stitched in place by running stitch or

machine stitch on the right side of the garment as a means of

1. Shaping the garment to the body ,

2. For holding in fullness or

3 .As a decorative finish .

Tucks can be used in groups or clusters and in graduated width . If

you are designing a garment with tucks deside on the position on

the tucks width of each tuck and the spacing between the tucks ,

regularity of tucks and even spacing are essencial to the beauty of

tucks . When calculating the amount of material that is needed ,

remember that each tuck calls for an allowances equal to twice its

finished width so far making a group of four tucks of 1/8 " finished

width , allow , allow 4 = 1 .

To stitch each tuck fold along middle so that stitching lines co -inside. Then stitch

along the markings . Cut the garment section only after completing the stitching of

the tucks . There are several methods of tucking .

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