Thursday, July 23, 2009



These are used to shape a flat piece a fabric to fit the curves of a figure .

The standed dart is triangular in shape that is wide at one end pointed

at the other. Double pointed darts are wide in the middle and pointed at both

ends . They are used at the waist line of one piece dresses . A dart may

sometimes be stitched only path way . The un stitched path , they looks some

what like a tuck . Such darts are called dart tucks .

Darts may be decorative functional or both . Any dart placed in an

manner or stitched on the right side of the garment can be set to the

decorative . Usually these darts are very small . Functional darts are intended

for fitting the body curves -bust , hip , shoulder and elbow . They should point to

the fullest part of the curve , but must not extend as far as the curve . Shows

the marking for bust , darts and waist line in a blouse front pattern .

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Durga said...

I am interested in learning dressmaking but due to hearing problem not able to learn from regular classes in my quest I found this blog....You have written a wealth of info thank you
I will explore one by one....will you please help me....Few more tips would have been info on how much dart size n how many to take depending on body frame.