Friday, July 3, 2009


HEMMER FOOT :---This is used for turning up and stitching a narrow hem .

RUFFLER :---This attachments is capable of tacking uniform gathered or

pleated frills and will take apply frills to another section at the same

time . It is useful in making children 's garments .

CLOTH GUIDE :---This is a useful in guiding fabric for uniform stitching .
CORDING FOOT OR ZIPPER FOOT :---This is designed used for

applying cording into seams and for application of zipper .

BINDER :---This is used for applying ready made or self made bias

binding to a straight or curve edge .

TUCKER :--This is used for making uniform tucks from 1/8" to 1 "

in width .

GATHERING FOOT :---This attachment gathers fabric as a dis stitched

with the fullness locked in every stitch .

FEED COVER PLATE :---This used to cover the feed dog while doing

machine embroidery and darning .

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