Tuesday, July 7, 2009


SLIP BASTING :---This is most often used when matching seams in checked and striped

fabrics. This is also used to bast seam lines that have been

fitted from the right side of the garment . Fold one seam edge under

and pin it over the other seam edge along the stitching line . Now

bring the needle up very close to the folded edge through the three

layers of cloth as close to that point as possible go down through the

single layer , and come up again one fourth to 1/2 " away through

the three layers as before . Continue this way . Stiches on the wrong

side will be slightly diagonal . Only very small stitches will appear

on the right side . When you have finished , you will be able to

open out the seam flat and stitch it as a plain seam .

There is another method of slip basting in

which no stitches are visible on the right side . In this method the

needle is first slipped through the fold of the upper seam edge

for a distance of about 1/4 " . Then brought out at the edge of

the fold . A short stitch is now taken through the single layer

along the seam line and the needle .once again slipped into

the fold .

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