Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DOUBLE CROSS STITCH:---This stitch is suitable to be applied on fabrics with small checks or thick yarns which can be counted to work cross stitch on closely woven fabrics, take thin canvas on to it before doing the embroidery. After the work is completed the yarns of the canvas can be pulled out leaving the embroidery directly on the fabric. Stitches are worked diagonally from left to right. This stitch looks like star. Each stitch is completely at a time unlike the cross stitch.An extra two cross stitches are worked over already made cross stitch.

CROSS STITCH:--Stitches are worked diagonally from left to right or right to left along two parallel lines.After completing the first half of the crosses, work in the opposite direction filling in the second half of the crosses. If the design is irregular you can complete one cross at a time.

EYE STITCH:---This consists of several stitches radiating from the same centre with their out side edges forming a square or a round. This stitch is easiest to work on coarse material with threads that can be counted. the squares can be finished with a row of back stitches outlining the shape.
A different effect can be obtained by working free hand and varying the lengths of the stitches are using different colours.

SHEAF STITCH:---This stitch consists of three vertical straight stitches tied across the centre with overcosting stitches.

PEKINESE STITCH:---In this, running stitches are first worked on the stitching line and later interlaced with another thread.

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