Monday, January 19, 2009

APPLIQUE WORK:---It is a decorative embroidery done by laying pieces of fabric on a background fabric and stitching them in place.. Its appeal lies in the colourful effect that can be obtained by using a variety of fabric both printed and plain to form designs. In most cases embroidery stitches on the applique pieces are used to define and accent the design. Almost any material can be used for the background , but the background and applique pieces should be off some what of similar thickness and texture. The cloth used for applique should have a firm weave so that a clean edge is left after they are cut. The thread used for applique should of the same colour as the pieces and should strong. WORKING METHOD:---Mark the complete design first on the background fabric.Then make a pattern piece for each part of the design and mark 1/4" seam allowance on it. Next machine stitch on the design outline for a neat turning edge. for a smooth edge clip the curved edges and corners, then turning seam allowances just inside machine stitching and press.Tack the applique pieces in place on a design on the background fabric and slip stitch or hem with tiny stitches.If a decorative edging is desired it can be top stitched in machine or contrasting colour by buttonhole stitch, chain stitch or zig zag stitch on machine. Applique work is used on dresses, sarees , handbags, cushion cover, bedsheets, pillow cases, napkin, tray cloth, table cloth almost on any thing.

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