Monday, January 19, 2009

SHADOW WORK:---Shadow work is another kind of embroidery which adds beauty to the material. It consists of covering the design with herring bone stitch on the wrong side of a transparent material so that the colour of the working thread shows through on the right side.
WORKING METHOD:----Work from left to right along the double lines inserting the needle on the upper line a little to the right taking a small stitch to the left right with the thread below the needle. Insert the needle on the lower line a little to the right and take a small stitch to the left with the thread above the needle. Continue in this way keeping the stitch evenly spaced and picking up a small amount of material each time.
In shadow work herring bone stitch must
be done very closely. shadow work must be done on sheer materials like voile, organdie. shadow work must be done on also on nylon, Mulmul, georgatte etc... Designs with long narrow leaves are suitable. Great care must be taken in disposing off the biginning and the ending of the embroidery thread, Take them in a herring bone stitch. shadow work is best suitable for sarees, punjabi shirts and frocks.

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