Monday, January 19, 2009

Huck weave - 11

HUCK WEAVE :---This type of embroidery get its name from the fabric it is worked on , which is huck towelling, a fabric with raised threads on both the sides. This embroidery can be done with 6 strands of cotton or wool. The technic is simply running the thread under the pairs of raised threads. knots are not to be used but the thread is fastened into the same row of embroidery. you can centre a design on huck starting the first row at the centre and working eachside. If you are not centering the pattern ,start at lower right corner and work across to left. A wide range of effects can be created in the design by using different shades of threads and different materials. Eg:- checks, darts and tiny patterned fabrics. When other materials are used the stitches are taken through the material picking up a few threads of a dot or a check or a patterned for each stitch as there are no raised threads as in huck towelling. One advantage of using patterned fabric is that because there are no vartical raised threads the stitches can be made in any direction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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