Monday, January 19, 2009

CUT WORK:----Cut work is the name given to open work methods of embroidery . Where the portions of the background are cut away and , in the more elaborate forms re- embroidered. Cut work is worked in buttonhole stitch.
Cut work varies from simple cut spaces to larger and more elaborately filled spaces. In simple cut work the spaces are quite small. In the hard forms the cut spaces are large with filled in bars and picots which give a decorative appearance.
Cut work is suitable for all types of household linen . It is important to avoid colour contrasts with the more elaborate the only a firm, evenly woven linen or very strong cotton should be used because other fabrics fray when the spaces are cut. The thread for stitching should be in a weight to suit the fabric. do not use stranded cotton because the strands are not enough . Fine crewel needles are suitable for simple cut work. although shapes are best for working the lace like filling. Choose the size according to the weight and thread being used. you should also have a pair of very sharp finely pointed end scissors.

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