Monday, January 19, 2009

KUTCH WORK:---Kutch work is a unique type of embroidery which when done correctly adds to the beauty of the material. The designs are mostly geometrical in shape like square, circular etc... The design consists of an outline stitch done in a systematic way. WORKING METHOD:---Start by pulling out the needle at A, proceed from A to B picking up little of the material further from the design line. Proceed from B to C and C to D and then to E taking the needle from below the line AB . Work in similar mannar in alfabatical order to complete the motief. care must be taken to pas the needle below the worked thread where ever the three sides of the square have been completed. INTERLACING STITCH:----Bring the needle up at any corner of the square.Proceed from A to B then B to C by interlacing the thread in between the two crosses of the corner of the square then from C to D. Proceed from D to E from the middle square by passing this thread below the outline thread at E. in this way complete the whole design by interlacing the corners of this square.
N. B :--Care must be taken to pass the thread below the outline thread and every corner and then the fourth thread which will be the last thread should pass below the outline thread and above the interlacing thread picking up the third interlacing thread which will be at the bottom and above the outline thread. If the outline is not done correctly, the interlacing thread will not get interlaced and will come out of the outline.
Kutch work is mostly done for any type of garments , accessaries and household articles etc....

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