Monday, January 19, 2009

MIRROR WORK:---It is a tradition which has been carried among the lambadas who stitch their garments mostly by mirror work.In this work the proper placement of the mirror and the use of suitable colour threads and stitches are of vital importance to give all the glamour and beauty to the dress. Usually brightly coloured threads and a dark background are chosen.

  1. WORKING METHOD:---Trace the outline of the mirror and work either stem or chain stitch on the outline. Later interlace the thread through every stitch. Fix the mirror well inside the stitches and then pull the thread very carefully so that it is evenly pulled.Fasten the mirror with buttonhole stitches. Finish the work on the wrong side by means of two or three back stitches and cut the thread.
  2. WORKING METHOD:----Keep the mirror in position and fix up to the cloth by means of stitches which should come in the shape of a star.This is the outline stitch. Now on this outline stitch do either cretan stitch or herring bone stitch by taking the threads of the outline stitch from top and the cloth from below. the stitches are worked in two parallel lines. Finish the whole mirror and bring the needle out on the wrong side and finish by means of two or three back stitches. This method is more popular and lasting as the mirror do not come out due to repeated washing of the garment.
  3. Mirror work is a unique type of embroidery and when it is worked with other embroidery stitches like kutch work, and colourful threads it stands out more. usually it is worked on punjabi shirts, sarees, blouses, skirts , handbags, cushion covers etc.

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